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Mike shares dog training tips on TV

TV Appearances

I’ve appeared on numerous TV programs talking about how to prepare your dog for the arrival of your child.

Mike Wombacher on “Family Pet” Part 1

These two videos from the cable program The Family Pet are particularly in-depth.



Mike Wombacher on “Family Pet” Part 2



Mike Wombacher on “Good Day New York”



Mike Wombacher on “Santa Rosa’s Channel 50”

013: Loud Noises Freak Out Your Dog. What Should You Do?

Strange Noises In The Night Morgan: The question for this week: “Loud noises freak my dog out – is this a problem? What should I do?” Mike: Well yes, I think it kind of is a problem, because dogs that are jumpy and spooky around loud noises are going to be jumpy and...

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011: How Should You Deal with Very Young and Very Old Dogs?

New Dog Plus New Baby Equals Double Trouble! Morgan: So, Mike, the question for today: “My dog is very young, and full of energy, and she has very little impulse-control – what should I do?” Mike: Well, it’s similar to what we discussed a couple of podcasts ago about...

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007: Your dog is sensitive to touch. What should you do?

Your dog is sensitive to touch in different parts of her body. What should you do? First off, don't ignore it. This is one of the biggest reasons why people end up rehoming their dogs. Not only that, it's one of the prime reasons for dog bites on children. In this...

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