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Mike shares dog training tips on TV

TV Appearances

I’ve appeared on numerous TV programs talking about how to prepare your dog for the arrival of your child.

Mike Wombacher on “Family Pet” Part 1

These two videos from the cable program The Family Pet are particularly in-depth.



Mike Wombacher on “Family Pet” Part 2



Mike Wombacher on “Good Day New York”



Mike Wombacher on “Santa Rosa’s Channel 50”

Lucie’s List: Preparing your Dog for Baby’s Arrival

Several years ago I helped a young woman introduce her dog Sugar to her baby Lucie with great success. Only later would I learn that the woman was Meg Collins, the founder of the popular pregnancy and motherhood blog Lucie's List. Recently I reconnected with Meg and...

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Why You Never Leave Your Child Alone With Your Dog

When it comes to dogs and babies, I have one prime directive above every other. Never leave your child alone with your dog. I'll explain my reasoning below but the story I want to share does a good job at illustrating why. A few weeks ago a friend of mine sent me a...

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How To Get Your Dog Used To A Crying Baby

Crying babies and dogs aren't the best combination. Especially if you have a dog with a strong prey drive. A few nights ago I had a very interesting, creative training session with a client who is six months pregnant and her two-year old French bulldog, Olivia....

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(AUDIO) CNN’s Sanjay Gupta On How To Baby-Prep Your Dog

Recently, CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Sanjay Gupta produced an episode of his show, A Better Life which focuses on preparing your dog for the arrival of your baby. In the segment, Dr. Gupta quotes extensively from my work and Good God Happy Baby. You can listen to...

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